from Hull and Sunderland

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My Father the Master Mariner, taken on board ship in the 1930’s. He is second from left pictured with some of his officers.

Phyllis Goodrick in the early 1930’s.

Very proud of the new greenhouse at GH.

Taken on the back lawn at Grantham House. My mother and father and me circa 1974 on their wedding anniversary. Count the carnations if you want to know which one!

85 Main Street, my first shop.

Pyllis in her best dress, waiting for a taxi to take her to the Shipbrokers Dinner. C.1974.

Mum’s sister Grace’s mother-in-law with Grace’s daughter Pat.

All the guys in the band. I’ve no idea who the dog is Adrian’s holding, I don’t remember it at all - do you?

Me and mum September 1959, taken on the tennis court at Grantham House.

Me and the Old Man in Somerset c1993.

Me and the Old Man in the pool at GH c1975. He had just given me a sock in the mouth with his elbow. He seemed surprisingly unmoved at the suffering he had just inflicted on his youngest son !

The Old Man doing his Benny Hill impersonation at GH.

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