Sorry about the quality of some of these photos. I have uplifted most of them from slides which I took over thirty years ago. The originals are still perfect, but I just photographed them off the screen with my digital camera, there must be a better way! Suggestions please by email.

These are are mostly taken from our “Good Life” period, living off the land and communing with nature.

(so much younger than today)

Vince holding Amanda with Jean behind at Derwyn Fach.
Vin and Jean at our smallholding in west Wales
I can't remember who this is, but how could I ever dream of leaving her out.
Jean and Olga glamming it up for the camera
Taken at DF in 1979, The Old Man, Adrian and me with Alex standing behind.
Our four original Jacob sheep, Suzzy, Mary,Salomé and Ruby
The Old Man with Olga and Barclay (center) after he won the Bath & West Show.
Olga with Glencoe and a Jacob lamd
Emma with Olga and Jean
Olga and Me on a visit to Somerset to see the Old man. c 1986
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When We Were Younger

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Olga and me back in 1979 at GH, cleaning and repairing a Whitlock digger we bought to help build our new hom.
Trilby and Glencoe playing in the yard at DF.
The Old Man, pictured at DF c1979, with our lovely Mobile Home in the background.
Olga, outside DF c1981, before the house had its first coat of paint.
The lovely Harriet at DF c1992
Our first Springer, Trilby, in the lounge at DF. c1989
Wellington and Trilby at DF c1984.
Our loverly MF30 tractor, taken in the week we bought it. It worked long and hard for us.