Vincent (left) and Me with The Old Man taken by Olga at the M4 services.
Left: Brother Eldryd, with his wife Maureen, taken at a family reunion in the UK during the late summer of 2005.
God knows who this lot are, but I’m sure it was taken on the main lawn at St. Baruc’s [sic] school in the early fifties. Adrian, is obvious but Rowland, could be any one of the seated front four. My surmise is I’m the one without a mouth (I wish)! Suggestions on a postcard please.
Left: Brother Adrian with his wife Ginny, taken at the same family reunion in 2005. In the background can be seen my eldest brother Vincent seated on the right. Also shown is his wife Jean (far left speaking to Olga & Daisy).
As left but including The Old Man, taken about three years later.
 Photo circa 1949 taken by The Old Man at Grantham House on the front lawn with the garage and orchard in the background.Back row: Philis (our mother) and Vincent. Front row: Eldryd, Me and Adrian.
L to R: Eldryd, Adrian and Rowland. Taken in about 1963 from an 8mm home move shot by The Old Man. We were just starting work on building a swimming pool at GH.
L to R: Olga, Rowland, Ruby (Jeans Mum), Emma, Brian, Caroline, Vince, Jean, Adrian, Ginny and I think Amanda is the child. Taken by the Old Man on the 5th August 1989.
The usual suspects on the front lawn at Grantham House circa 1948.
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Vince and Eldryd in the garden in Cardiff c1939