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Olga’s Sisters

This is Olga’s big sister ‘Jo’ Josephine who sadly died in 2006. She was one of the good guys.
Olga, Val, their Mum and Jo.
Val, out for a day at the beach in Australia
Sister Valerie and her husband Mal, in Oz with all their grand children
Val with granddaughter Anna in Oz
Val taking Anna for a walk in Perth.
Val the her Ladies Club friends in Oz.

1. David Price

2. Josie Price

3. Olga Parsons

4. Josephine Palmer

5. Charles Palmer

6  Maclolm Lewis

7. Valerie Lewis

8. May Grainger

9. Bronwen Grainger


11. Carl Jensen

12. Uncle Harry (Brynmawr)

13. Shirley Jensen

14. Olaf Jensen

15. George Jensen

16. George Jensen (Jnr)

17. Daisy Jensen

18. Frank Price


20. J Belby





25. George Grainger

26. Mabel Price

27. Shirley Grainger (Thomas)

28. Christine Belby


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Jo's weding, Do you recognize anyone?
Jo's weding, Do you recognize anyone?
Olga and Valerie in their teens.
Val And Mal on a boat trip in Oz