World War One

Olga at one of the hundreds of small war cemeteries in Belgium

A commemorative lake on the River Somme in Belgium

This is both sides of an old letter written on the first of November 1900 during the Boer War.

We visited many of the W.W.I. battle fields in Belgium and north-east France (see photo 1) where Olga’s father fought the Germans and was gassed for his troubles. As you probable guessed, he survived otherwise Olga wouldn’t be here!

Only one real drama occurred on the way, we had a tyre burst on the caravan in the middle of a small village on the banks of the River Somme (see photo 2). Olga was in her eliminate directing traffic around my prone body, while I played with the jack and the spare wheel. She had two cars nose to nose at one stage, but their drivers just smiles and waved as they sorted themselves out. Luckily it was a Sunday lunch time so only a small crowd gathered to watch and offer unsolicited advice in what eventually developed into somewhat of a carnival atmosphere.

Boer War Letter

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