Olga’s Mum and Dad

Your grandfather (Bamp, my father) lived at No.80 Carne Street, Splott, Cardiff, until he joined the army. His father remarried after his first wife, your great-grandmother died (by accident I believe). His new wife was a Mrs Manning, I never heard her called anything else, even by Bamp. I don’t know where she came from.

My father had one brother, Fred, and two sisters, Polly and Lizzie (maybe short for Margaret and Elizabeth).

Fred, was killed, along with his wife and seven children, when a German bomb hit their house during World War II. They also had another son, Charlie, who was in the Air Force and away at the time of the bombing. I was about eight years old when my mother took me there, I saw the bomb site and I also met my grandfather and Mrs. Manning.

Polly, married a coal miner, a Mr Hunt. They lived in Llanbradach, and had one daughter, Edna. She married Alf Probert. They had two children, Joyce and Billy. Later on they adopted a baby girl, Elaine, she was Alf’s child. Billy, emigrated to Australia in the 1950’s. Edna, Alf and the girls had moved to live in Cardiff by then.

Lizzie, married a Wilfred (I think), they lived in Caerphilly and had one daughter, Vera.

Charles Jacob Palmer, your grandfather, spent six years in the army. He was presented with the ‘Mons Medal’ and two others, which Uncle Carl lost when he was a kid. He also had and was very proud of his ‘Princess Mary Box’ (Linda Palmer has that now). He was one of the ‘Old Contemptibles’ and fought on the Somme in France. Incidentally, last year we drove over to the Somme and visited the old battlefields and War Graves. We also toured many of the Belgium battle fields such as Ypres. He was also a ‘Black and Tan’ at one time. After leaving the army, he met my mother, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Her union produced seven children :-

Carl Terrence Lindale (Deceased)

George Charles, who died in 1928 aged six years.

Ronald, died in 1923 aged two months.

Josephine Mary Lavinia (1926 - 2006)

Rosemary Georgina, who died in 1931 aged eleven months.

Valerie (1931- )

Olga Irene (1933 - 2015 )

Charles Jacob Palmer and his wife Josephine Caroline Jensen Louise (photo taken in 1951)

Centre Pic. Olga’s Great great grandfather

Benjamin Harris

(Olga’s Great uncle)

Mr. & Mrs. Harris

(Olga’s Great grandparents)

Carl Olaf Alexander Jensen

(Olga’s Grandfather)

Maude Jensen Nee Harris

(Olga’s Grandmother)

Josephine Jensen

(Olga’s Mother age approx19 years)

Josephine Jensen

(Olga’s Mother age aprpox10 years)

Josephine Jensen,

Mrs Harris and

George Jensen

Carl and George Palmer

(Olga’s brothers)

Olga's Mother
Barry Island

Centre: Olga at Barry Island with her mother and Aunty

At a family wedding

This photo was taken by Vicki at Cathays Cemetery,Cardiff


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Olga’s Antecedents

Olga's father Charles Jacob Plamer pictured in the late 1930s on Barry Island beach.
Olga’s Dad on Barry Island
Great, Great Garandpa
Josephine Jensen
Olga and Abi 2012