The Saga Continues

Below is are two pictures of our car sporting its new French number plate. This means we can now have all the benefits of low-cost French motoring - at last. I have been putting his off for years because it all seemed so very complicated. But in fact, thanks to the freely given help of a local French lady, it all turned out to be ridiculously easy.

There was an initial upfront cost for getting the French DoT ‘type approval’ for the car from Ford in the UK(£56), fitting new headlights for right-hand driving (462 euros), having the car tested, like a UK MoT but this lasts two years and cost (56 euros), a one-time payment (260 euros) for reregistering the car in France, a set of new number plates (28 euros), then French car insurance (498 euros), the cost of which will reduce as I hopefully build up a no claims discount over here - only part of my English one was transferable, then on top of all this was about 50 euros worth of petrol for all the running about.

I know this all sounds like a lot of money, but when you consider that my annual trips back to the UK, to get the car MoTed, alone costs over £2000.00 a time, you will see that I am already well in profit !! Interestingly enough, the MoT I got in the UK when I bought the car had a note attached that said one of the rear tyres was very close to being illegal, the MoT over here (aka Controle Technique) also had a note attached saying the self same thing. So me thinks the two test standards must be very similar. I have also gone the whole hog and obtained a French Driving Licence (another 56 euros). No test required and lasts until you die!

Our new French Registered Mondeo parked with my usual skill and aplomb with one wheel on the grass. Just as well it wasn’t the other side of the drive

Kids, can you spot our dog Daisy in this picture?

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6th September 2007

Our newly French Registered Mondeo Zetech Estate