60 & 40 today! (2000)
Ken Wallis

Ken Wallis, taken in 1996 in his private hanger in Norfolk during Wallis Days

Mags and Roger

Ron Dobry-Cairy (I’m sure that’s spelt wrong) with the late Mel Morris-Jones.

Centre: Bart (Woody) De Sarr, with brother Wem and his brothers girl friend Eina

Margaret Anstey and Roger Savage

Gerard, one of our new friends here in France

Rob the butcher in Wales

Dave Organ and Sherly Jenning

Mark &Co

Rob Fiddler and Lady taken in southern Ireland.

I'm on the left.

This is me (left) in Italy, receiving a prize from Vitorio Magni for something I can no longer remember. But I do remember having a really great time!

Minibus lag in Swaziland.
Here and right, an Rotor Gazette International bus trip to Magnidays, Italy.

An RGI trip to Magnidays, Italy

Taken outside the RGI office in Wales.

Evan Down

Benson Days dinner in USA.




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Old Friends, Mates & Acquaintance

The one and only late Chris Julian. Click the pic to hear a short part of an interview I did with him back in the mid-90's.

Chris Julian taken in Somerset. He was sadly killed in an Autogyro crash the following year.

Johnston and we three

Johnston Fitsgereld, with we three, taken by his wife at Shibdon Airfield, Norfolk, during “Wallis Days 98”.

Sergio, in the rain, taken at Magnidays in Italy on 22 September 2001 at  14.20hrs
If I look a little 'tired and emotional', the reason is quite obvious.
Some American friends at Magni's Days, Italy.

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