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Nic with her husband Charles, doing some unpaid work for her stepfather at Cranfield
Peter Lovegrove's latest gyro trainer (2001)
Jim Montgomry's Merlin gyro
Tim Dean with his gyro at Henstredge, Somerset
Mark with his Model autogyros. Mostly of Ken Wallis's Little Nellie.
Prize giving at RGI Wallis Days, 1998. Ken Wallis on right and Woody on left.
Flight Line at Magnidays, Italy
Roger at Carlisle Airport, Cumbria, UK
This is Micki Magni pictured at Magnidays in Italy circa 1998 with part of the gyro flight-line and our RGI Road-Show in the background. She acted as our interpreter for the show.

Roger Savage

At our show in S Ierland
A subscriber's wife and dog at our Abyshrule shoe, Ierland.
The flight-line at our Irish Show


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An RAF2000 Canadian gyro pictured with its owner, Mic Goldring at the PFA show, Cranfield
Peter in Perth, Oz.
I snaped this pic in Italy at the Magnidays show c.1999
Some of our Irish subscribers taken by Johnston.
A super little Exec choper I snaped at Cranfield
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Magnidays 2000 poster

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